Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polyvore Fun!

I have followed Amelia Arsenic, Nubby Twiglet, and Gala Darling for a while on their blogs, and one of the things I love about these women is their love of things, the aesthetic pleasure of colors, types, outfits, etc. They all three use Polyvore to make some killer outfits to inspire others. I finally decided to stop sitting on my ass and make some up myself. These are some things that are inspiring me recently.

My idea or formal, I can still wear my leather jacket, but I've got enough gorgeous bling and color to balance it out. This is technically a wedding dress, but hell, I'd wear it to a party!

Summer action movies always get me in the mood to shape up and kick some ass. Post-apocalyptic biker chicks, need lots of denim and leather. I like the idea of wearing all my jewelry pirate-style, all my valuables on me.

My ideal relaxed weekend look. Layers, tough accessories, cowboy boots, and jeans. Hell, I'd wear this all week if I could. I love the mix of preppy, country, and rock. Nothing defines me better.

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