Tuesday, March 10, 2009

shit kickers

Liberty Boot Co. is one of the coolest discoveries I have made in a long time! This is the company that makes Taylor Swift's boots. While I live decidedly in a suburban/urban area and have been known to wear my flipflops in the snow (when we see any, which is very rare for central VA) I have a much loved pair of classic tan sueded Justin's (similar in to these) which were my first major shoe purchase ever! I love cowboy boots, I love that they are rugged and simple but always read rockstar and not redneck. They look good on everyone with a WIDE variety of style options. Liberty's boots take the rock&roll mentality of the boots and blow it up in technicolor. While there are more traditional options available, boots like Hell's Li'l Angel & Love and Peace make me smile and want to become known as the Girl-in-the-kick-a$$-boots!

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