Wednesday, March 11, 2009

help me!

So I'm on a search for some basic dresses, at least I think they should be basic. Last spring my awesome man-friend bought me this really adorable black eyelet shift dress from Isaac Mizrahi for Target. It was super affordable, has a splash of color in its hot pink liner, is short enough to be summery and show off my fab legs, and has 3/4 sleeves! I know the tunic style isn't as big this year, but I typically don't give a rat's ass about trends and I'm determined to find some more dresses in this style. One thing I especially loved about my dress was that it wasn't billowy. It skimmed my body and slimmed me down instead of flowing off my tatas and making me look like I was in the family way. The dresses exemplify what I'm looking for but are a wee bit out of my range.

1. NOT BLACK - I already have one, and several in other styles!
2. SIMPLE - I'm not into bows and stars and patterns, 1 color and limited detailing
4. MUST HAVE SLEEVES - look I don't dislike my arms, but when you put someone who is broad shouldered and 5'10 in short sleeves that aren't cut quite right, you either get I-moonlight-as-a-bouncer or I-borrowed-from-a-preteen
5. AFFORDABLE- as much as I love some of the dresses above, I'm on a budget, major since I lost my full-time position.

Can you help me? I'm gonna keep looking because this with some strappy flat sandals is my fav summer look, it's just so easy.

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  1. Hey:
    I just saw your blog for the first time. Love it! And totally love the "Shit Kickers!" I want some!