Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Inspired. The rainbow room can be found on here on flickr. I want a library big enough to do this with some day. Color and books are my 2 favorite things.

I'm really digging the combination or rich, chocolatey browns and cobalt & electric blues right now.

My fave color is green. The color of my eyes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polyvore Fun!

I have followed Amelia Arsenic, Nubby Twiglet, and Gala Darling for a while on their blogs, and one of the things I love about these women is their love of things, the aesthetic pleasure of colors, types, outfits, etc. They all three use Polyvore to make some killer outfits to inspire others. I finally decided to stop sitting on my ass and make some up myself. These are some things that are inspiring me recently.

My idea or formal, I can still wear my leather jacket, but I've got enough gorgeous bling and color to balance it out. This is technically a wedding dress, but hell, I'd wear it to a party!

Summer action movies always get me in the mood to shape up and kick some ass. Post-apocalyptic biker chicks, need lots of denim and leather. I like the idea of wearing all my jewelry pirate-style, all my valuables on me.

My ideal relaxed weekend look. Layers, tough accessories, cowboy boots, and jeans. Hell, I'd wear this all week if I could. I love the mix of preppy, country, and rock. Nothing defines me better.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been a busy girl.
School is more than I could have hoped for. I'm absolutely LOVING all this tech geeky goodness that I'm learning.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

help me!

So I'm on a search for some basic dresses, at least I think they should be basic. Last spring my awesome man-friend bought me this really adorable black eyelet shift dress from Isaac Mizrahi for Target. It was super affordable, has a splash of color in its hot pink liner, is short enough to be summery and show off my fab legs, and has 3/4 sleeves! I know the tunic style isn't as big this year, but I typically don't give a rat's ass about trends and I'm determined to find some more dresses in this style. One thing I especially loved about my dress was that it wasn't billowy. It skimmed my body and slimmed me down instead of flowing off my tatas and making me look like I was in the family way. The dresses exemplify what I'm looking for but are a wee bit out of my range.

1. NOT BLACK - I already have one, and several in other styles!
2. SIMPLE - I'm not into bows and stars and patterns, 1 color and limited detailing
4. MUST HAVE SLEEVES - look I don't dislike my arms, but when you put someone who is broad shouldered and 5'10 in short sleeves that aren't cut quite right, you either get I-moonlight-as-a-bouncer or I-borrowed-from-a-preteen
5. AFFORDABLE- as much as I love some of the dresses above, I'm on a budget, major since I lost my full-time position.

Can you help me? I'm gonna keep looking because this with some strappy flat sandals is my fav summer look, it's just so easy.

call me the bag lady

I love this bag. I could never afford it, but I can most certainly lust after it. The brocade-y pattern with splashes of super bright color is just so pleasing to me. I love anything that looks like it has a back-story to it, some history involved. I also like brights, I tend to wear a lot of dark colors though (look when you've got DDs you minimize at every turn) so I absolutely adore accessories that punch up an outfit. Also the Chanel-esque chain strap means I don't have to hold on to the damn thing the whole night, something I have been known to have a few issues with once the drinks start pouring. If you, unlike me, can actually splurge on this beauty check it out at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my reading list

so I practically live at Barnes & Noble; and think what you will about this monolith-megachain (not living in NYC, this would be my only well stocked option) they keep me in books and hot tea - in a mug, mind you, not an unnecessary disposable cup, since I take advantage of the well worn chairs for my weekly magazine perusing. my love of the printed and bound word is so deep that when i had to give up a piece of furniture to fit into my current abode, i gave up the extra dresser instead of my glass-front bookshelves! some of my current favorites include I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley, Drood by Dan Simmons, and the Mary Russell Holmes series by Laurie R. King. some of my longstanding favorites are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella (love Isla Fisher hated what they did to my Becky in the movie, ruined it!), and Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (fyi liked it before the movie, but loved the movie!)

shit kickers

Liberty Boot Co. is one of the coolest discoveries I have made in a long time! This is the company that makes Taylor Swift's boots. While I live decidedly in a suburban/urban area and have been known to wear my flipflops in the snow (when we see any, which is very rare for central VA) I have a much loved pair of classic tan sueded Justin's (similar in to these) which were my first major shoe purchase ever! I love cowboy boots, I love that they are rugged and simple but always read rockstar and not redneck. They look good on everyone with a WIDE variety of style options. Liberty's boots take the rock&roll mentality of the boots and blow it up in technicolor. While there are more traditional options available, boots like Hell's Li'l Angel & Love and Peace make me smile and want to become known as the Girl-in-the-kick-a$$-boots!